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About our EBOO Treatment

Extracorporeal Blood Oxygenation and Ozonation (EBOO) is one of the most comprehensive protocols for administering Ozone and the complete cleansing of your blood that is available at Poseidonia Healthcare. This protocol is infusing Ozone into your blood by passing through a machine then infusing back into the body intravenously. Unlike other options such as MAH or ‘Ten Pass’ ozone therapy which simply takes out a small amount of blood a handful of times, EBOO continuously purifies the entire blood supply. The protocol session runs for an hour and comprised of 2 steps:

Comprehensive Filtration
As the blood passes through the filter, it removes excess inflammatory proteins, fats, cholesterol, heavy metal toxins, cellular waste, senescent cells (old and malfunctioning cells).

That alone helps to reduce systemic inflammations which contribute to chronic disease and accelerated aging.

Ozonating the blood
The blood then passes through a chamber where it is saturated with Ozone, via the device’s gas exchange filter. Ozone is a very potent oxidant with the ability to counteract viruses, bacteria’s, and fungus.

This increases the body’s ability to fight off infections, neutralize toxins, reduces inflammation, super oxygenates blood – increases oxygen to be released by haemoglobin throughout your body.

The difference in colour of “old” (poor) versus “new” (oxygenated) blood during treatment is highly evident and satisfying to observe.

We are the only Clinic in Cyprus and only from a few in the world where we are using the EBOO Ozone blood dialysis therapy, which is transforming the way we detox our patients & the healing / disease curing capacity of biological medicine. It’s a radical treatment that provides radical results.

EBOO Treatment, is an even more effective way to deliver the Benefits of Ozone. In One hour session, you receive the equivalent of 40 Bottled Ozone therapies at once!

Being the world’s most advanced Medical Ozone Therapy, EBOO has many potential benefits including:
  • Reducing the Pathogen load of patients’ blood (Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi)
  • Strengthening and Modulating the Immune System
  • Reducing Inflammation as well as Removing Cholesterol etc
  • Balancing Blood Pressure & overall Physical Performance
  • Increasing Stem Cell Proliferation and Mobilization within the body

The clinical experience gained so far confirms the great therapeutic potential of EBOO in patients with severe peripheral arterial disease, coronary disease, cholesterol embolism, severe dyslipidemia, Madelung disease, and sudden deafness of vascular origin.

Here are some of the advantages of our EBOO system

This method of ozonation takes one to one and a half hours to complete, in that time we ozonate or rather activate a minimum of 35 cc’s of blood a minute and a maximum of 75 cc’s a minute. Now if one considers this and calculates the total amount of blood activated it would be equal to doing one minor autohemotherapy every minute or one direct injection every minute or one major autohemotherapy every three minutes and so on. Quite a remarkable concept considering that it is not possible to do these other therapies more than once every couple of hours, days or what have you. If we total this all up and use an hour as our base, it would come to the equivalent of 40 Bottled Ozone therapies in one session.

There is as well a safety feature included in our method that others may not know about. In conventional ozone therapy applications, one must observe and test the antioxidant level of a patient to understand what or how much the patient’s body or blood can withstand. Since ozone works on oxidative stress this is quite important so as not to unduly stress the body, system, blood. This is crucial to a successful therapy. In normal operation this is not done as it is an expensive test and one that almost all therapists do not do. In essence all applications using the standard method ignore this one crucial aspect and hope that damage does not occur to the patient or the blood. It is debatable if this is correct and not something I want to get into discussing at this point in time.

We, however have an easy solution to this, you see, in every application there is a waste disposal unit that is made of clear plastic, this disposal unit serves many purposes, one very important purpose is that it quite simply enables us to see and gauge when the patient has been either introduced to too much ozone or a concentration of ozone that is too high just by looking at the waste apparatus. Once we see any change in colour, normally pink, we know that the blood has started to break down and we can decrease the rate of ozone or decrease the concentration, in either case the waste will again return to normal colour.

This method enables us to see changes in as little as 1 – 2 cc’s of blood so that there are absolutely no issues encountered or created, this cannot be done with conventional ozone therapies and would be unknown until a problem occurs later down the line and, in some cases, too late.


Poseidonia Healthcare offers a wide variety of treatments. Our services include therapies for Patients who are recovering from Chronic Diseases, Managing Diseases & Improving Quality of Life, Anti Ageing Health Management, Sports Performance and Non-Surgical Beauty Therapy.

At Poseidonia Healthcare, we understand most of our patients have been let down or not recovered using the traditional health care system. Many have gone through many years of misdiagnosis and side effects from traditional pharmaceutical drugs. Our specialised Regenerative Therapies are all tailored to treat many Diseases and Conditions, they promote the body to heal itself through the introduction of powerful innovative natural healing therapies.

Through our continued research, we are dedicated to seeking out cutting edge technology and proven medical therapies as well as embracing tried and proven treatments from all over the world.

Our Treatment Philosophy is to provide a Multi Treatment approach to return your health and wellbeing to you in the fastest possible way. We supply the most comprehensive combination of treatments all in one location. Combining Ozone TherapyHyperbaric Oxygen TherapyCryotherapy the most advanced Stem Cell Treatments available in the world and a comprehensive Detoxification program to mention just a few.

If you are interested for a specific Treatment Plan or you would like for our Doctors to provide you with a complimentary Treatment Protocol  recommendation  based on your individual circumstances and needs,  please complete our online contact form or for more information you can email us at enquiries@poseidonia.healthcare, message us on FB or call +357 24 252 501.

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