At Poseidonia Healthcare, we understand most of our patients have been let down or not recovered using the traditional health care system. Many have gone through many years of misdiagnosis and side effects from traditional pharmaceutical drugs. Our specialised Regenerative Therapies are all tailored to treat many Diseases and Conditions, they promote the body to heal itself through the introduction of powerful innovative natural healing therapies.

Through our continued research, we are dedicated to seeking out cutting edge technology and proven medical therapies as well as embracing tried and proven treatments from all over the world.

Our Treatment Philosophy is to provide a Multi Treatment approach to return your health and wellbeing to you in the fastest possible way. We supply the most comprehensive combination of treatments all in one location. Combining Ozone Therapy, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Cryotherapy the most advanced Stem Cell Treatments available in the world and a comprehensive Detoxification program to mention just a few.

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