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We are literally able to reverse your age, biologically speaking,
using our innovative Anti Aging Stem Cell Therapy


Poseidonia Healthcare advanced Anti Aging Therapy utilizes world-leading Stem Cell protocols helping you to become better, rejuvenated, and biologically more youthful.

This therapy is used to reverse the effects of aging on the body. Most patients who receive our advanced therapy have noticed positive effects after only a few applications of Stem Cells. Many patients reported improved skin conditions and thicker hair in very short periods. In addition, some women were no longer post-menopausal and both men and women have commented on noticing a much higher and increased libido, all patients had renewed and heightened energy levels.

Anti Aging Stem Cell Therapy works at the DNA and Chromosome level by increasing the individual’s Telomere length. The Telomere length will determine a human being’s biological age at the cellular level and in that sense, we are literally able to reverse your age, biologically speaking. This occurs at the cellular level, it will, to an extent also depend on the amount of time and number of treatment sessions undertaken by the patient.

Stem Cell Anti Aging Therapy is the latest form of regenerative treatment that rejuvenates the body as well as treating degenerative or chronic diseases. This is done by stimulating the repair mechanism responses within the body to help aging, diseased, malfunctioning/damaged tissue, organs, and joint repairs. When our Stem Cells flow throughout the body they will reach every organ, helping to promote total healing and regeneration.

After the human body receives the Stem Cell Treatment, Stem Cells are flooded throughout the body, which allows them to reach every organ. This also includes skin tissue, which is the largest organ of the body, causing a rejuvenation effect that all can see. Anti Aging Stem Cell Therapy spreads deeply through the body allowing it to directly treat conditions such as Arthritis, Back Pain, Diabetes, Erectile Dysfunction, Female Sexual Dysfunction, Joint Pain, and Neuropathy.

The Use of pluripotent stem cells
for Anti-Aging

A pluripotent stem cell is an undifferentiated cell that has the potential to divide and differentiate into any of the 220 cell types of the human body. Stem Cell Therapy is the utilization of these cells in order to assist the body in the healing and regeneration of its existing cells.

Depending on the conditions, Pluripotent Stem Cells can be delivered through the bloodstream or directly to the organ that is in need of treatment. Within 30 minutes of getting enhanced stem cell therapy for anti-aging & wellness, the body starts to repair its damaged organs and the healing process can be observed up to 10 days after the injection. Several injections might be needed depending on the severity of the conditions and the expected results.

Producing Pluripotent Stem Cells

Stem Cells - blastocyst

A blastocyst is an early-stage embryo (5 days old) of 100-200 cells that are barely visible to the naked eye. At this stage, the cells are not yet predetermined, i.e., there’s not a single blood cell, muscle cell, bone cell, etc.

From the “inner cell mass” of the blastocyst, pluripotent stem cells are obtained and then cultured. Additional blastocysts are only required when a new line is created.

Stems Cells - Embryonic Stem Cells

Why Use Pluripotent Stem Cells?

6-10 times more potent than adult or umbilical cord stem cells in helping the body to heal.
Safe and effective.
Accelerates healing in the body within 30 minutes of injection.
Anti-tumour cancer vaccine effect not found in adult or umbilical cord stem cells.
Lengthen the telomeres of our DNA.
STEM CELL THERAPY CONTAINS the Nanog gene, known for its anti-aging benefits.
Express MicroRNAs that aid in reversing keloids and scarring.

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