Lyme Disease is a bacterial infection that is generally caused by the bite of an infected tick. Patients who suffer begin to experience symptoms like those listed below.

  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Headaches
  • Body Aches
  • Fatigue
  • Red Rash called erythema migrans or EM

Patients report experiencing these symptoms very soon after being exposed, as early as three to 30 days. If untreated, Lyme Disease can lead to other more serious symptoms such as:

  • Severe and chronic headaches
  • EM rashes that reach across large areas of the body
  • Facial palsy, or loss of muscle tone on one or both sides of their face
  • Arthritis in joints such as the knees
  • Nerve pain
  • Inflammation of the brain and spinal cord.
  • Chronic shortness of breath and spells of dizziness

Cases of Lyme disease have been reported all over the world, in large areas in Europe and Asia, but the most common areas are the Northeast, upper Midwest and northwestern United states.

What Is Stem Cell Therapy and How Does It Work To Treat Lyme Disease?

Treatments such as Stem Cell Therapy have been shown to be effective in mitigating these symptoms and giving relief to patients suffering.

The Stem Cell Therapy, offered at Poseidonia Healthcare, medically referred to as Pluripotent Stem Cell Therapy, is the process of injecting young stem cells into the body, generally the bloodstream, so it can seek out the damaged cells and inflammation and begin to repair itself.

With Stem Cell Therapy, the patient’s body starts to heal as quickly as 30 minutes after their delivery, and the healing continues for the next week or so. Over multiple treatments the human body returns to homeostasis, helping the patient to feel healthy again.

Stem Cell Therapy works to treat Lyme Disease by aiding the immune system in its goal of healing the inflammation that the disease creates.

Pluripotent stem cells treat Lyme Disease by developing into all 220 cell types and transform these cells to their optimal function. Essentially this treatment allows the body to regenerate its cells to homeostasis so that the body can begin to function as it did before the patient was infected.

Patients report reduced insomnia and fatigue, as well as better concentration throughout their days.

What Sets Poseidonia Healthcare Apart From Other Providers?

Many medical organizations are beginning to see the incredible results of Stem Cell Therapy for Lyme Disease, the Poseidonia Healthcare medical group can be anywhere from six to 10 times more effective due to the Pluripotent Stem Cells we use.

While other medical practitioners use mesenchymal, autologous, and umbilical cord stem cells, which do help patients in some ways, the Pluripotent stem cells that Poseidonia Healthcare uses is capable of assisting many different types of cells. So regardless of which cells the Lyme Disease is affecting, patients can find relief.

At Poseidonia Healthcare, we administer at least 20 million of the Pluripotent Stem Cells per session, making each treatment hugely helpful to the recovery process.

Supportive treatments also offered at Poseidonia Healthcare for Lyme disease include Hyperbaric Chamber Treatment, which helps restore your body’s natural functions, Ozone Therapy.

By creating and combining these therapies with a comprehensive Detox Program, your health can be restored over our six-week Lyme disease protocol. All the treatment protocols have been highly effective as individual Lyme disease treatments for many years,  however, we are the only treatment clinic in Europe that combines all of these therapies under one roof, and this is a huge benefit for maximizing your positive results.

If you or someone you know is struggling with Lyme Disease there is hope. Poseidonia Healthcare Medical Group Stem Cell Therapy has proven effective and has eased patients’ symptoms allowing them to get back to their normal healthy lives.


Our treatments promote the body to heal itself through the introduction of powerful innovative natural healing therapies.

Our treatment philosophy is to provide a multi-treatment approach to return your health & wellbeing to you in the fastest possible way.

At Poseidonia Healthcare, we understand most of our patients have been let down or not recovered using the traditional healthcare system.

Our Medical Centre has been specifically designed to supply the most comprehensive combination of specialized techniques all in one location, within a relaxing environment, complete with welcoming and caring staff.

Through our continued research, we are dedicated to seeking out cutting-edge technology and proven medical therapies as well as embracing tried and proven treatments from all over the world.

We are deeply committed to maintaining an ethical, professional and caring approach towards our patients and each other.

Our Story.

25 years of “Healing for Life” dedication. Based in sunny Cyprus. Due to our geographical location, we have conveniently treated patients from all over Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. We will be very happy to welcome you to our facilities in Cyprus. Our Medical Centre has been specifically designed to provide a relaxing environment, complete with welcoming and caring staff

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