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The one thing every member of the team at
HTTC – Poseidonia Healthcare Medical Group loves about their job is when they get to hear about how happy our patients are with their results.

Your experiences are so important to us, share your story, not only does it help us ensure that we are always delivering the best service to the people that matter the most, our patients, but it also helps other people who are in the same position you were in just a few months ago questioning “is it right for me?” and “what can I expect?”

If you are happy with your results, whether it’s from a Regenerative Medical Procedure or one of our Laser & Skin Treatments, we would love for you to share your experience and results with us – if you have before and after photos to share we would absolutely love to see those too!

Just email telling us about your experience and sharing your results, and if you do have before and after photos just attach them, we won’t miss them!

We look forward to hearing and sharing your story.


Their comments have not been altered in any way, and their experiences are their own. 

Regenerative Medical Procedures and Treatments results and benefits vary and are different for every individual. Specific results cannot be guaranteed. 

Share Your Story
Like Our Other Patients Have Here

Testimonial - Poseidonia Healthcare - Chris
Hyperbaric Therapy
Severe Tendonitis

Excellent service & results! My doctor said I would be off my feet for three weeks and out of training for six.

Following three HBOT treatment sessions, I was back exercising after a week and fully recovered in two.

Julia P - Poseidonia Healthcare - Testimonials
Biological Medicine Therapy
Lyme Disease Patient

Having suffered nine years with Lyme Disease, I visited Poseidonia Healthcare and had three weeks of treatment,  It was a great experience, I just felt better and better.

Charlene - Poseidonia Healthcare - Testimonial
Biological Medicine Therapy
Heart Condition

I had an echocardiogram in 2016 which measures heart strength 35 to 40%! 65-70% is the norm. My last stress test was at 30% during that timeframe! I had a repeat ECO this month Jan. exactly 1 month since my last Biological Medicine treatment. Results were astounding 45-50%! We are so very excited and thankful.

Laura - Poseidonia Healthcare - Testimonial
Biological Medicine Therapy
Heart Disease

My heart flow rate was at 30% when I first visited Poseidonia Healthcare. After 3 PSC injections, it is up to 60%. I am regaining my life!

Julio - Poseidonia Healthcare - Testimonial
Biological Medicine Therapy
Lyme Disease

After 2 1/2 years of taking antibiotics from a doctor in the United States to get rid of the Borrella bacteria that causes Lyme Disease… the Dr at Poseidonia Healthcare killed in 14 days!!!

Randy - Poseidonia Healthcare - Testimonial
Biological Medicine Therapy
Heart Disease

Thought I’d share with you the results of my heart echo. They said the refraction was 40 percent! I find it hard to believe but I assume it has to be fairly accurate. My refraction hasn’t been that good for at least 15 to 20 years. Can’t wait to get the reaction from some of my doctors. Thanks again.

Share Your Story

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