What do we know about Pamoral Powder?

Pamoral Powder is an original product, based on buffalo colostrum. Its exceptional properties are reinforced with the added cow colostrum fraction enriched with biologically active “proline-rich peptides”.

The healing properties of colostrum were known in ancient times. But its  accessibility was extremely limited as it spoiled quickly. Its useful properties are lost after 12 hours. Modern technologies for collecting colostrum from cow and obtaining dry concentrate have allowed to obtain a valuable product with a long expiration date.

Moreover, the colostrum in Pamoral Powder of 120 g and 360 g at an affordable price totally preserves its unique properties and the biological activity of fresh colostrum.

How does  Pamoral Powder act?

Pamoral Powder 120/360 g has the ability to destroy bacterial and viral infections, to stimulate tissue regeneration (especially in the intestines), stimulate fat utilization and optimize cell reproduction. No other substance on the planet can provide all these unusual actions. Colostrum in this product gives the immune system “lost knowledge” to function successfully.

Colostrum of cow is suitable biologically for all mammals, including humans, in the concentration of immune factors is even better than that of women. It contains millions of times more immune information than human colostrum. This product is suitable even for people suffering from cow’s milk allergy, sensitive stomach and diabetes mellitus.

How does Pamoral Powder work?

In order to be healthy, we need to fight the organism that causes the disease: bacteria, viruses, allergens, harmful substances, and so on. Pamoral Powder 120/360 g has an immediate impact on immunity and improves the harmony of the body’s ability to self-heal. The colostrum-containing immunoglobulins, growth factor and immunoregulators protect, strengthen and regulate the immune system. In addition, they support the regeneration of the body. As a rich source of free amino acids, vitamins, enzymes and minerals, this supplement also improves food processing and cell-level metabolism.

Pamoral Powder 120/360 gr provides protection against all colds, gastritis and diarrheal diseases. It can be used to strengthen the immune system in:

  • Body weakness after illness or treatment with strong medications
  • Increased body load, such as during the winter, stress, sports, working with sick people

Pamoral Powder 120/360 gr protects the immune system against inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract (such as ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, infectious diarrhea), restores the health of the intestinal mucosa, and helps in allergies to reduce susceptibility to allergens. It also has a beneficial effect on autoimmune diseases such as rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, AIDS, multiple sclerosis.

Due to the contents in Pamoral Powder 120/360 gr , the body improves by increasing the sports performance by improving lipid exchange and regeneration of muscle tissue. It also supports the regeneration and formation of new tissues – in cartilage and bone. And it also stimulates the synthesis of collagen in the skin, giving an anti-aging effect.

A healthy immune system means good health. That is why it is very important to maintain its status at a level. For this purpose, it is advisable to pay particular attention to our lifestyle – to eat rationally, to move more, to strengthen our body by using immune stimulating and immune modelling agents. Such is the food supplement of Pamoral Powder 120/360 gr, which is now at a delightful price.

This food supplement kills germs and other harmful elements and purifies the body. Relieves immune function and optimizes immune balance. It also activates killer cell activity and eliminates pathogens in the body, and also activates antibodies and provides prevention against various kinds and genes.

Pamoral Powder makes cells strong and durable and improves metabolism.

Description of Pamoral Powder

Pamoral Powder 120/360 gr

  • For a strong immune system
  • Protects the body from various bacterial, viral and other harmful elements
  • Increases the endurance in physical pressure and stress
  • Maintains the good health of the whole organism
  • Against stomach and intestinal disorders
  • Helps the body to deal with diseases by itself
  • Prevents various pathologies
  • Suitable for people intolerant to cow’s milk protein
  • Contains high-quality colostrum, much better than human
  • Pamoral Powder 120/360 gr is at a special price 
Directions for use of Pamoral Powder:

In addition to the diet during operative, radio- and chemotherapy due to oncologic diseases – 4 grams (a full measuring spoon) 3 times a day before eating for the duration of treatment.

To restore the body before, during and after chemo- and radiotherapy and other severe diseases – 3 times a day 4 gram fore a meal.

To optimize the immunity and to strengthen the body – 2 grams in the morning before a meal.

Dosage: 4 g   |  Doses in packaging: 30/90

Ingredients in 3 doses (12 g) Value %Percent daily values
Saturated fatty acids 1.5 g 12.9%
Fats 2.3 g 19.2%

of which lactose

of which inulin

3.0 g

2.8 g

1.2 g




Proline peptides 0.9 g 7.9%
Immunoglobulins 3.0 g 24.9%
Proteins 4.2 g 34.7%

† Daily doses are based on 2000 calories.

** Daily Value has not been established

Important: Do not use if a seal is broken or missing! Keep away from children!  Store in a cool and dry place without direct sunlight!

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