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A message from our Managing Director

As the founder of this amazing Group, it humbles me sometimes how this journey evolved; Poseidonia Healthcare had its roots planted way back in 1996 when I realised a shortfall on the island with regards to Diver Safety. I secured and operated a small Hyperbaric Chamber Facility specifically to cater for any Scuba Diving Emergencies that could arise from time to time,  also to increase the safety, not only for my Group of Diving Centres around the Island of Cyprus but for the Diving Industry overall.

 Nearly 25 years later and our corporate mantra of ‘Healing for Life’ the sense of immense pride I experience daily when I find my Medical and Support Team treating and healing Patients from all over the globe is just awesome indeed.

 We have grown to a level where our many Alternative and Innovative Treatments together with my International Team of Medical, Operational, Technical and Management Professionals,  places us in the enviable position of being the market leaders that we have become today.

Clive Martin
Managing Director

Our medical team

Expert advice, diagnosis and treatment by our team of specialist Doctors.

Our Team - Dr Irina - Poseidonia Healthcare
Dr Irina Pavlik Marangos
Dr Alex - Original Image
Dr Alex Memish
Our Team - Dr Lev - Poseidonia Healthcare
Dr Lev Sklyar
Dr Sotiris - Poseidonia Healthcare
Dr Sotiris Georgiou
MD Hyperbaric Physician
Dr Michalis - Poseidonia Healthcare
Dr Michalis Koumas
MD Hyperbaric Physician
Image Coming Soon - Staff
Dr Frants
Dr Kostas Papaioannou
Plastic Surgeon

Our Operational & Technical Team

It is the skill, knowledge and experiences of our Operational & Technical Team that make the core of our service everything that it is. We actively encourage you to look them up to get complete reassurance that you are in safe hands.

Our Team - Nurse Maria - Poseidonia Healthcare
Maria Christoforou
Senior Nurse
Our Team - Nurse Joanna - Poseidonia Healthcare
Joanna Georgiou
Our Team - Nurse Lefki - Poseidonia Healthcare
Lefki Christodolou
Our Team - Nicky - Poseidonia Healthcare
Nicola Martin-Friend
Operations Manager
Chris - Poseidonia Healthcare
Chris Demetriou
Safety Director & Technician
Our Team - Ivo - Poseidonia Healthcare
Ivo Dimitrov
Operator & Tender
Our Team - Irina - Poseidonia Healthcare
Irina Dimitrova
Training Officer, Operator & Tender
Our Team - Ina - Poseidonia Healthcare
Pavlina Tsikova
Our Team - Albena - Poseidonia Healthcare
Albena Temelkova

Our management Team

Our management team brings years of experience, cultivating  our strong culture and helps us to scale, grow, and succeed, living our purpose and achieve our vision to maintain being market leaders.

Image Coming Soon - Staff
Daryle Calder
Patient Liaison Officer
Image Coming Soon - Staff
George Kyriacou
Director of Marketing
Our Team - Mikkel - Poseidonia Healthcare
Head of Business Development
Testimonial - Poseidonia Healthcare - Chris
Hyperbaric Therapy
Severe Tendonitis

Excellent service & results! My doctor said I would be off my feet for three weeks and out of training for six.

Following three HBOT treatment sessions, I was back exercising after a week and fully recovered in two.

Julia P - Poseidonia Healthcare - Testimonials
Biological Medicine Therapy
Lyme Disease Patient

Having suffered nine years with Lyme Disease, I visited Poseidonia Healthcare and had three weeks of treatment,  It was a great experience, I just felt better and better.

Charlene - Poseidonia Healthcare - Testimonial
Biological Medicine Therapy
Heart Condition

I had an echocardiogram in 2016 which measures heart strength 35 to 40%! 65-70% is the norm. My last stress test was at 30% during that timeframe! I had a repeat ECO this month Jan. exactly 1 month since my last Biological Medicine treatment. Results were astounding 45-50%! We are so very excited and thankful.

Laura - Poseidonia Healthcare - Testimonial
Biological Medicine Therapy
Heart Disease

My heart flow rate was at 30% when I first visited Poseidonia Healthcare. After 3 PSC injections, it is up to 60%. I am regaining my life!

Julio - Poseidonia Healthcare - Testimonial
Biological Medicine Therapy
Lyme Disease

After 2 1/2 years of taking antibiotics from a doctor in the United States to get rid of the Borrella bacteria that causes Lyme Disease… the Dr at Poseidonia Healthcare killed in 14 days!!!

Randy - Poseidonia Healthcare - Testimonial
Biological Medicine Therapy
Heart Disease

Thought I’d share with you the results of my heart echo. They said the refraction was 40 percent! I find it hard to believe but I assume it has to be fairly accurate. My refraction hasn’t been that good for at least 15 to 20 years. Can’t wait to get the reaction from some of my doctors. Thanks again.

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