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    • It’s important you provide us with your medical history. Please complete this on-line medical history form, once submitted our Medical Team will be able to fully review your case and provide you with a personalised Treatment Plan and treatment costs.

    • You must take good care to answer all the questions honestly and to the best of your knowledge. If you don’t, your treatment may be affected and you may not receive a refund.

    • All answers contained in this questionnaire are strictly confidential and will become part of your medical record.

    When you submit this Medical Screening Questionnaire, a copy of the form will be emailed to you for your file.

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    Your Health Concerns

    MEDICAL CONDITIONS: (Please complete as extensively as you think necessary.)

    MEDICAL HISTORY: (Please complete as extensively as you think necessary.)

    General Medical Conditions

    Please tick Yes or No to every question

    Heart or cardiovascular disorders

    e.g. Coronary Artery Disease, Chest Pains, Circulation Problems, Varicose Veins, High Blood Pressure, Venous Ulcers, Chronic Heart Failure, Acute Cardinal infarction

    Glandular disorders

    e.g. Diabetes, Hyperthyroidism, Hormonal Problems, Thyroid Disease

    Breathing or respiratory disorders

    e.g. Asthma, Bronchitis, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Shortness of Breath, Upper Respiratory Tract Infection, Chest Infections, Colds, flu, Sinuses Problem

    Ears, nose, throat, or eye problems

    e.g. Hayfever, Tonsillitis, Sinusitis, Cataracts, Eye Infections, Deafness, Ear Infections, Optic Neuritis, Eustachian Tube Dysfunction

    Stomach, intestines, liver or gallbladder

    e.g. Ulcer, Colitis, Repeated Indigestion, Irritable Bowel, Change in Bowel Habits, Hepatitis, Piles, Rectal Bleeding, Acute Pancreatitis

    Cancer, tumours, growths, cysts, or moles that itch or bleed
    Skin problems

    e.g. Eczema, Rashes, Psoriasis, Acne

    Brain or nervous system disorders

    e.g. Stroke, Migraines, Repeated Headaches, MS, Epilepsy, Nerve Pain, Fits

    Muscle or skeletal problems

    e.g. Arthritis, Cartilage and Ligament Problems, Back and Neck Problems, Sprains, Joint Replacements, Gout, Sciatica, Rheumatic Disease

    Urinary problems

    e.g. Bladder, Kidney or Prostate Problems, Urinary Infections, Incontinence

    Blood disorders

    e.g. Anaemia, Hepatitis, HIV, Abnormal Blood Tests, Blood Clotting Problems, Thrombocytopenia, Bleeding Organs, Sickle Cell Disease, Haemorrhage/Haematological Disease

    Reproductive system problems

    e.g. Pregnancy and/or Childbirth Problems, Heavy or Irregular Periods, Fibroids, Endometriosis, Infertility, Abnormal Smears, Menopause

    Pregnant or Breast Feeding

    e.g. Ear-Nose-Throat Surgery, Chest Surgery, Vascular Surgery

    Dental problems

    e.g. Wisdom Teeth, Abscess, Gingivitis

    Psychological disorders

    e.g. Depression, Schizophrenia, Anorexia, Bulimia, Compulsive Disorders, Stress, Anxiety

    Undiagnosed symptoms

    e.g. Chest Pain, Fatigue, Weight Loss, Dizziness, Joint Pain, Change in Bowel Habit, Shortness of Breath, Abdominal, Pain, Rectal Bleeding

    Balance disorder
    G6 PD deficiency
    Ozone Allergy/Ozone Intolerance
    Anti-Thrombotic Medicine or Aspirin
    High blood Pressure/ Hypertension
    High cholesterol or lipids
    Prosthesis (Limb-Teeth)
    Pyrexia-Fever or unknown fever
    Alcohol Issues
    Are you taking the following medication

    Medication: Bleomycin, Cisplatin, Disulfiram, Doxorubicin, Sulfamylon

    Are you taking any medicines not listed above
    Is there any other information relating to your health that has not yet been prompted by the questions listed above. If so, please add details below.
    Other Frequent Symptoms Or Conditions You May Experience
    List Other Symptoms Or Conditions Not Listed Above
    Over-The-Counter Drugs - Please Check All That Apply To You.
    Do you have any of the following allergies
    Family Medical History
    Other Therapy

    e.g. Have you received Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, ozone or stem cells before?

    Please indicate your normal blood pressure levels (if not sure, please ask your doctor or local Pharmacy)

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