For Medical Professionals

Poseidonia Healthcare
Medical Professionals
Poseidonia Healthcare welcomes the opportunity to collaborate in the care of your Patients.
“We welcome the opportunity
for medical professionals
to join us as Medical Partners”.

If you are a medical practitioner,
please feel free to contact us 
to receive a copy of our wholesale
pricing schedule on
Pluripotent stem cells.

Mikkel Mørch
Head of Business Development

Collaborative Patient Care

Poseidonia Healthcare welcomes the opportunity to work with Medical Professionals, Health Care Facilities and Medical Tourism Companies to collaborate in the healthy treatment of your Patients, whether for the first time or if you already have an ongoing relationship with us. We can connect you with Poseidonia Healthcare Management, Doctors and Medical Services, arrange a visit to our facilities or your own office, and discuss your ongoing Patient requirements.

From this page, you can Refer a Patient, or access our Become our exclusive partner page.

COVID-19 Update

The current environment presents many challenges. Poseidonia Healthcare’s highest priority is our patient and staff safety. We are taking every precaution to manage patient safety to the highest standard through universal masking, enhanced safety protocols, robust screening and COVID-19 testing strategies. Poseidonia Healthcare will continuously evaluate the circumstances at each of our sites, whilst following local Government mandates.