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Poseidonia Healthcare is actively seeking strategic partnerships with medical partners, agents or representatives to become an exclusive medical partner on an either local, regional, national or in a few cases even multi-national level. This will mean a closer partnership or agency either using our brands openly or on a “white label” basis if preferred by the parties. Our international partners will gain full access to our innovative medical treatment products and protocol range and access to our marketing material locally, or have it translated into your countries local language(s). Also, our experienced marketing team can assist you in increasing your local market share.

Our medical and operations team will ensure that you and your team are fully trained to the highest standards needed for such a partnership.

To put it simply you can:

  • Import our stem cells and other products or protocols on an exclusive basis to treat your patients using world-leading medical treatment technology.
  • Utilise our Brand, or a create a “white label” brand of your choice.
  • Or in a few cases, we might consider a local joint venture with you in setting up a designated clinic under the Poseidonia Healthcare brand or another brand of the HTTC Medical Group.

Stem Cell Treatment partner program

Our Poseidonia Healthcare Partners program allows medical professionals and medical tourism professionals to connect patients with Poseidonia Healthcare’s premier Pluripotent Stem Cells and research-backed treatment protocols. Poseidonia Healthcare’s service is one of the best in the world, providing a unique opportunity for professionals to connect their patients with a proven, comprehensive stem cell therapy treatment. This mutually beneficial partnership allows freedom and support for agents simultaneously.

Partner Hospitals & Clinics

Poseidonia Healthcare is Europe’s largest stem cell provider. In part, this means that Poseidonia Healthcare can provide Pluripotent Stem Cells to Hospitals & Clinics in need of safe and effective stem cells for clinical use. Poseidonia Healthcare follows strict safety and efficacy standards, standards which are maintained by our treatment partners. Our relationship with Dr Hanly of Stemaid International Ltd ( exemplifies our commitment to collaborating with only the highest quality clinicians and clinics. Our partnership is not only beneficial to our partners but most importantly it provides a world-leading service to those seeking stem cell therapies.

Research Partners

Poseidonia Healthcare is always open to discussing potential opportunities with new research partners. Poseidonia Healthcare can provide research oversight, review, and, in some, cases biotechnology products, such as our Pluipotent skin-derived stem cells. Poseidonia Healthcare has published findings from their own research for over 10 years. Poseidonia Healthcare strongly believes that research is the key to finding new solutions to not only today’s problems but also tomorrow’s.

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