Despite having been around for hundreds of years HBOT treatments have recently seen a rise in popularity. Used by athletes, post-surgery patients, and people with long term conditions, the benefits of HBOT for recuperation and rejuvenation are far-reaching. As it becomes more widely accepted for use and support in a range of medical issues, oxygen therapy is growing as a viable treatment option. It has recently become the focus of extensive studies in the scientific and medical communities.

Oxygen is at the core of almost every function in the human body, the biochemical processes that are needed to support nervous and circulatory systems rely on oxygen as their energy source. Oxygen helps the body to regenerate cells, it supports the immune system, helps reduce fatigue and stress, and assists skin rejuvenation. HBOT is a drug-free therapy with a host of physical and mental benefits that support the vital functions of the body and accelerates healing.

Patients undergoing HBOT treatment at Poseidonia healthcare report faster injury recovery, reduced symptoms associated with illness, and a feeling of overall well-being.  All sessions are monitored by state-of-the-art systems and a highly qualified medical technician will be present in the hyperbaric chamber for the duration of the treatment. Patients are observed and vital readings checked to ensure the comfort and safety of individuals undergoing therapy.

Treatments are typically administered over a course or series and the effects are accumulative. It will take more than one session to achieve the benefit of the therapy, but advocates of the treatment swear by the health improvements it provides. HBOT therapy has long been used to treat conditions like carbon monoxide poisoning and to decompress divers with ‘the bends’, but recently it has been administered for various other chronic illnesses, with undeniable results.

What conditions may benefit from HBOT?

HBOT has proven to be effective as a therapy treatment for many common problems or diseases associated with aging, including:

HBOT can provide rapid results for post-surgery wound recovery and the healing of extensive burn injuries. The increased oxygenation of the blood supports the body, leading to faster repair and regeneration of skin, cells, and blood vessels.

HBOT as an Anti-Aging Treatment

Along with the range of health benefits that can be gained from the treatment, recent studies indicate that HBOT treatments can slow down or even reverse the aging process. The evidence suggests that throughout treatment, oxygen stops the age progression of red blood cells and positively impacts chromosomes, in essence, reversing the advancement of age at a basic cellular-molecular level.

HBOT is shown to improve the circulatory system, regenerating tissue and repairing wounded cells which can help combat effects of diseases like diabetes and support the immunes system as well as reducing stress and lowering the risk of infection. From an aesthetic point of view, there are also many external benefits to be gained from HBOT treatments. An overall improvement in skin appearance and visibly reduced signs of aging gained from the treatment has led to HBOT therapy being referred to as the proverbial ‘fountain of youth’

External benefits that may be gained from having this form of oxygen therapy are well recognised and can reduce skin problems like:

  • Sagging Skin
  • Age spots
  • Liver spots
  • Wrinkles
  • Sun damage

Overall improvements to the circulatory system, better flow to small blood vessels, and the rebuilding of capillaries lead to an enhanced physical appearance creating a look of youth and radiance.

Scientific evidence supporting HBOT

A recent study saw patients undergoing 90 minutes of HBOT therapy over 3 months and the results were astounding. Human chromosomes are protected by ‘telomeres’ which function as a protective cap. Over time these shorten causing slower replication of cells and damage to the body’s DNA, leading to the ageing process as the cells struggle to regenerate.

The 35 patients that were used in the study showed a 20% increase in their telomeres after the course of HBOT treatments. Build-up of senescent cells which contribute to ageing factors was reduced by up to 37%, allowing healthy cells time to regrow. Participants in the study did not adopt any other lifestyle changes such as diet or exercise therefore, it may be concluded that the improvements seen were solely due to the hyperbaric oxygen treatments.

HBOT for age-related illnesses

Using HBOT as a youth-enhancing therapy or as a means to turn back the clock and improve the physical appearance isn’t the only age-associated benefit of the treatment. As age increases, many illnesses can develop over time. The medical community is seriously looking at the impact of HBOT on age-related degenerative illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Several case studies have been performed since 2001, and improvements in the overall mood and well-being of Alzheimer’s patients post HBOT therapy has been recorded. Enhanced cognitive functions and abilities also showed a marked reduction in the symptoms associated with degenerative brain disease.

Such a positive impact on disease progression has caused scientists to examine the function and benefits of HBOT as supporting therapy. The treatment has shown benefits for stroke victims, even for chronic sufferers or those in later stages. Oxygen therapy gives new life to brain neurons and can help with memory loss while supporting brain repair in a way that current therapy and rehab programs cannot achieve.

Increased oxygen flow through the body helps the brain by supplying the energy that is required to stimulate neurons and rebuild connection within the brain. Tests show that HBOT for stroke sufferers can yield significant improvements in brain function leading to medical treatment to ask if HBOT can be used not only for repair but for prevention of certain illnesses.


Booking a course of HBOT treatment at Poseidonia Healthcare can help improve mental and physical well-being as well as the youth-enhancing properties gained from oxygen therapy treatment sessions.

When you then combine these amazing therapies with the non-surgical beauty and detoxing treatments as well the Pure Stem Anti-Aging therapy we have at Poseidonia Healthcare you will leave feeling and looking amazing inside and out.


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