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WELCOME TO POSEIDONIA The only Pluripotent Stem Cell Treatment provider in Europe. Based in sunny Cyprus.

Due to our geographical location, we have been able to conveniently treat patients from all over Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. We will be very happy to welcome you to our facilities in Cyprus. Our Medical Centre has been specifically designed to provide a relaxing environment, complete with welcoming and caring staff.
history of Poseidonia Healthcare

The HTTC Medical Group is a team of highly qualified Physicians, Nurses, Certified Technicians, Experienced Operators
and In Chamber Tenders who recognised the need for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy,
Ozone TherapyCryotherapy, and Stem Cell Therapy in Cyprus.

1996: Established HBOT Chamber
In 1996, our Managing Director Clive Martin secured and operated a small Hyperbaric Chamber Facility specifically catering for Scuba Diving Emergencies.
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Limassol Centre - Homepage - Poseidonia Healthcare
1997: Limassol Centre
Originating in Limassol in 1997, primarily our centre was created for the increasing number of Recreational and Technical Scuba Divers exploring the local shores and the possible requirement for EMERGENCY Recompression Therapy in the event of any diving incidents.
2009: Larnaca Centre
In 2009 we expanded our collection of treatments, equipment and chambers and relocated to Larnaca where we founded the Poseidonia Medical Centre to cater for the growing demand of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) for patients suffering from various non-diving related diseases, injuries and conditions
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Nicosia Clinic - Poseidonia Healthcare
2018: KYI Clinic
Purchased KYI Clinic in Nicosia, Cyprus
2019: Stem Cells
Introduced Pluripotent Stem Cells to Europe and have built two specialised stem cell treatment centres in Cyprus
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Our Treatments

Here at Poseidonia Healthcare we offer a variety of innovative and regenerative treatments that can help patients who are suffering from chronic illnesses or debilitating diseases.

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
improves function & speeds up the healing process.
Stem Cell - ICON - Homepage - Poseidonia Healthcare
Stem Cell Therapy
We have pioneered the development of treatments with Pluripotent
Stem Cells.
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Ozone Therapy
Ozone Therapy is a 100% natural and chemical-free with Antibiotic like properties.
Cryotherapy - ICON - Homepage - Poseidonia Healthcare
Reduces Inflammation, speeds up healing, tightens your skin and increases metabolism.
Bioresonance - ICON - Homepage - Poseidonia Healthcare
Bioresonance is a holistic physical method that can be used diagnostically and therapeutically.
Detoxing - ICON - Homepage - Poseidonia Healthcare
A Detoxing Program basically means cleansing the blood by removing impurities in the liver.
Years of Experience
Satisfied Patients
Master Certifications
Members of Staff
Testimonial - Poseidonia Healthcare - Chris
Hyperbaric Therapy
Severe Tendonitis

Excellent service & results! My doctor said I would be off my feet for three weeks and out of training for six.

Following three HBOT treatment sessions, I was back exercising after a week and fully recovered in two.

Julia P - Poseidonia Healthcare - Testimonials
Biological Medicine Therapy
Lyme Disease Patient

Having suffered nine years with Lyme Disease, I visited Poseidonia Healthcare and had three weeks of treatment,  It was a great experience, I just felt better and better.

Charlene - Poseidonia Healthcare - Testimonial
Biological Medicine Therapy
Heart Condition

I had an echocardiogram in 2016 which measures heart strength 35 to 40%! 65-70% is the norm. My last stress test was at 30% during that timeframe! I had a repeat ECO this month Jan. exactly 1 month since my last Biological Medicine treatment. Results were astounding 45-50%! We are so very excited and thankful.

Laura - Poseidonia Healthcare - Testimonial
Biological Medicine Therapy
Heart Disease

My heart flow rate was at 30% when I first visited Poseidonia Healthcare. After 3 PSC injections, it is up to 60%. I am regaining my life!

Julio - Poseidonia Healthcare - Testimonial
Biological Medicine Therapy
Lyme Disease

After 2 1/2 years of taking antibiotics from a doctor in the United States to get rid of the Borrella bacteria that causes Lyme Disease… the Dr at Poseidonia Healthcare killed in 14 days!!!

Randy - Poseidonia Healthcare - Testimonial
Biological Medicine Therapy
Heart Disease

Thought I’d share with you the results of my heart echo. They said the refraction was 40 percent! I find it hard to believe but I assume it has to be fairly accurate. My refraction hasn’t been that good for at least 15 to 20 years. Can’t wait to get the reaction from some of my doctors. Thanks again.

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